A red building during the summer.

Solby Farm Shop and Café

Solby Gård (translates Solby Farm) is located just outside Eskilstuna. The active agriculture has a year-round open farm shop, a café and offers self-picking of strawberries in the summer.

Self-producing Farm Shop

Solby is a year-round open farm shop which sell their own produce. Potatoes, rapeseed oil, eggs, and honey, together with seasonal vegetables and berries. And during the summer Solby Gård opens up their strawberry fields for self-picking. There is also a café where you can browse for furnishings or enjoy some Swedish fika.


Phone: +46 73-505 09 00

E-mail: solbygard@hotmail.com

Address: Solby Gård, 635 09 Eskilstuna

Web: solbygard.se (SWE)