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gula smörblommor på en äng

Närsjö Farm

At Närsjö Farm you can buy meat directly from the farm. The animals here have eaten only natural feed, and are allowed to grow at their own pace.

A farm with organic and certified meat

Närsjö Farm is an active family farm located at Hjälmaren's outlet to Eskilstuna River and the lake Mälaren. The organic and certified meat at the farm is produced from animals grown up at their own pace, only on natural feed.

Farm shop

It is possible to shop directly at the farm, but call first and make sure that the family can receive you. If you want to buy meat boxes, it is recommended that you place an order.

Events at Närsjö Farm

Pig safaris, farm visits and market days are arranged at the farm. Keep an eye on the website for dates and more information.


Phone: +46 70 30 90 005


Address: Närsjö Gård, 635 13 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)

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