Tre hängande lampor med grön slingrande växt

Hallsta gård No.5

Hallsta Gård No.5 is a seasonally opened farm shop with a café, located in a rural area in Lista, outside of Eskilstuna.

Rurally located farm shop with garden café and gallery

The seasonally opened farm shop is open during spring and summer, as well as Saturdays leading up to Christmas.

Hallsta Gård features an art gallery showcasing their own design creations. The farm shop offers a variety of products, including home decor. Fruits and vegetables are grown for self-sufficiency and any surplus is sold in the farm shop.

During the summer there is also the opportunity for self-picking of cut flowers, and for Christmas you can pre-order your Christmas tree for pickup.

As mall and cosy café

During the summer, the garden café "Kaffe i Trädgårn" is open and offers homemade treats for visitors craving a fika (coffee break). Enjoy a moment of relaxation after exploring the farm shops offerings for the day.

Kaka med röda bär och rabarber


Phone: +46 70 728 30 12


Address: Hallsta 5, 635 14 Eskilstuna

Web: Hallsta gård på Facebook