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Mary’s Café Barbecue

Mary's Café Barbecue is located in the rural and idyllic Åkerby, just outside of Torshälla. Enjoy great food with a big focus on authentic American BBQ. Their tender meat has become quite popular among the locals.

American Barbecue

At Mary's Café Barbecue, the focus is primarily on American-style grilled food. American BBQ is a cooking method that differs from traditional Swedish grilling. The meat is cooked slowly and at low heat with a lid, often in a smoker, which imparts a smoky flavor and tender, stringy texture to the meat. The seasoning is often sweeter, often with the use of a glaze.

At Mary's they use a 4000-liter smoker from Texas named Priscilla, which handles most of the grilling. Expect meat so tender that it falls off the bones!

a piece of tender meat

Vegetarian and vegan options

Mary's focuses on grilled meat, but they also offer both vegan and vegetarian options.

Bed & Breakfast

In another building in the garden, there is also a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). It offers three double rooms with a total of seven beds.


Phone: +46 16-35 01 05

E-mail: info@maryscafe.se

Address: Åkerbyvägen 2, 635 09 Eskilstuna

Web: maryscafe.se (SWE)