Serveringsyta på Café Valvet i Eskilstuna

Café Valvet

In the heart of central Eskilstuna you'll find Café Valvet, which is part of a co-working space and has a strong focus on sustainability. They serve a flavorful buffet made from leftover ingredients, where you only pay for what you eat.

Café Valvet - a part of a co-working space

In the heart of Valvet's co-working space lies Café Valvet. The business is run by local food enthusiast and entrepreneur Benny Skyttman, along with Thomas Becker and Paulina Puustinen.

Flavorful buffet with an environmentally consciousness

Café Valvet doesn't have a fixed lunch menu, but every day they serve a flavorful buffet where the chefs primarily use leftover ingredients purchased from suppliers. This allows them to offer a plate of high-quality and exclusive ingredients at a reasonable price. Additionally, you only pay for what you actually eat, as the food is weighed before payment. Don't forget to always make a reservation at Café Valvet.

Luxurious breakfast every weekday

A luxurious breakfast is served every weekday at Café Valvet, suitable for all budgets. For those on the go it is possible to order and take your breakfast bag with you.

Event bookings and evening dining

On selected occasions various events and dinner service are organized in the evenings.


Phone: +46 16-15 80 80


Address: Kungsgatan 5, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: Café Valvet