En bardisk där en man pratar med en kvinnlig bartender.

Nornir Brewery

Nornir Brewery is a microbrewery located at Kungsgatan 20 in Eskilstuna. Nornir is Eskilstuna's first taproom where you can sample unique craft beers.

Eskilstunas First Taproom

The beer flowing from the taps at Nornir is just as they describe it: artisanal, unique, and a little crazy. At Nornir Brewery you'll find Eskilstuna's first taproom, which is a type of bar where craft brewers serve their fresh creations on draft. This means you can try new varieties before they become available elsewhere. You also have the chance to sample the most experimental and slightly peculiar beer styles that may never venture beyond the brewery otherwise.

Adventurous Beer Tasting

Nornir offers a tasting paddle with 3 or 6 glasses of 10cl each. There has been no compromise on the creative freedom of the brewers, which has resulted in their personalities truly shining through in the beers. Beers with lactobacillus, beers infused with hibiscus flowers, and dark beers with coffee aromas are some examples of what the tasting paddle might include.

During the tasting Nornir's staff is present to explain everything you want to know about bitterness, different types of hops, the difference between Indian Pale Ale and American Pale Ale or almost anything you can think of regarding beer and brewing.


Address: Kungsgatan 20, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: nornirbrewery.se