glass jar filled with candy and in the background are shelves with jars and cans

Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel

Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel (delicatessen) offers a wide selection of locally produced goods like jam, syrup, honey, candy, chocolate, coffee, tea and lemonade. During the summer they also open a garden café where you can enjoy ''swedish fika''.

Inspiration from the turn of the century

Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel is decorated with inspiration from the turn-of-the-century general stores. Behind the counter, you'll usually find the owner herself, Annica Rettne.

Quality over quantity

The store's selection of goods puts quality before quantity. Annica personally chooses all products and is careful that, to the extent possible, there are pure products from old recipes without preservatives and unnecessary additives.

Garden café with home-baked goods

During the summer you can also have coffee in the cozy garden café, where you can enjoy home-baked goods, lunch and a variety of beverages. The café is open when the weather is good, so the opening hours might vary. You can find updated opening hours on Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel's website and social medias.

CR Sötehantverk

Annicas daughter, Claudia, is the person behind Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel's own brand - CR Sötehantverk (CR Sweet craft). She makes cookies, pies, ice cream and pastries, that often looks like amazing art pieces.

Pastery in the shape of two pink hearts that merge together.

Photo: Eskilstuna Delikatesshandel


Phone: +46 70-224 70 89


Address: Åsavägen 5, 633 69 Skogstorp