bild tagen utifrån dörren på en husbil. Därinne sitter två personer

Idö motorhome pitch

At Rördrommens fältstation (field station), located approximately 20 kilometers outside of central Eskilstuna, you can find Idö motorhome pitch (Idö ställplats). There are 5 spaces available for motorhomes in this beautiful and tranquil area.

Motorhome parking with electricity

Idö Ställplats offers 5 spaces with access to electricity. There are also tables, benches, a barbecue and a trash bin at the site. Payment is done via Swish or cash. Foreign visitors can pay with PayPal or euros.

Swish is a popular mobile payment service in Sweden. It allows users to send and receive money instantly using their mobile phones, linked to their bank accounts.

Near the motorhome parking area, you can find Strands Golf and Restaurant, Barva bathing area and Rördrommens fältstation, which is a perfect spot for birdwatching.