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Eskilstuna Hostel

Eskilstuna Hostel offers accommodation in a sporty environment, about 3 km from central Eskilstuna. At a reasonable distance for an excursion to Parken Zoo, Sundbyholms slott, football at Tunavallen or a visit to Rademachersmedjorna (The Rademacher Forges).

Hostel near the city center

Eskilstuna Hostel offers accommodation for both private individuals, larger groups and sports clubs. There are single, double and family rooms with free WiFi throughout the house.

The hostel is an excellent alternative for possible training camps, with the proximity to several sports facilities at Ekängen's sports ground, with sports such as golf, athletics, tennis, football and ice hockey.


Phone: +46 16-48 22 84

E-mail: adm.bksport@telia.com

Address: Kjulavägen 27, 633 62 Eskilstuna

Web: Eskilstuna Hostel at Booking.com